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You can pick up your ‘communion kits’ at the church during the posted dates and times prior to Communion Sunday. Get enough kits for everyone in your family who will be taking communion for at least two times (if needed).

For those who are out of town or cannot get to the church building to pick up your ‘communion kit’, as an alternative you can purchase the following items at your local grocery store such as Walmart or Kroger. You do NOT have to purchase items that are overpriced. The important thing is what is in your heart.

If you need special arrangements to made for you to get your kit, or to purchase the alternatives below, please notify Bishop, or a Deacon and we will make special arrangements for you to make sure that you are also included in this fellowship.

Items for Purchase

Matzo (Unleavened Bread or Passover Bread)
‘Manischewitz’ is a popular brand name, but you can buy what is available in your area.

Kosher Grape Juice –
‘Kedem’is a popular brand name, however you may purchase whatever is available in your area. Manischewitz also makes Kosher Grape Juice and it also available at stores like Walmart and Kroger.

(We do not suggest that you purchase wine for communion at this time).

If you cannot get these items, try to come as close as possible to them. Welch’s grape juice is fine for example, it just happens that it is not kosher. The important thing is we all make an effort to be as uniform as possible, and take it together when possible.

On Communion Sunday be prepared by breaking the matzo up into small pieces that can be eaten with a few chews. Also have a small amount of juice poured into a glass or cup. Just enough for one swallow is fine.

The Bishop, (or a designate) will bless the communion (the bread and the wine) for everyone before we partake in it on that day. Pease keep these items separate in a way that they will not be used for any other purpose before and after Communion Sunday. Keep them in case we use them in the future during the pandemic restrictions.

Blessings To You!